Download WebsiteBaker

Download WebsiteBaker

Here you can download the current version of WebsiteBaker packed as zip- or tar-archive.
Simply download WebsiteBaker and install it. Thats all.

Der Fix & Tool - Download-Bereich
Third-Party Downloadarea

By downloading you agree to the terms of GPL. You can read more about the WebsiteBaker license by clicking here.


Click here for the WebsiteBaker-Archive, where almost all previously released versions are available.

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Der Fix&Tool - Download-Bereich

Here you can download the latest fixes and tools. Once enough fixes are in place, they are grouped into service packs, and included in the normal download area. 

Third-Party Downloadarea

Here you can download the newest releases of vendor programes which are used in WebsiteBaker.

Please take care: These downloads are original packets of the vendors which are adapted only to the WebsiteBaker directory structure.

Please note: Do not use for production sites!