Download WebsiteBaker

Download WebsiteBaker

Here you can download the current version of WebsiteBaker packed as zip- or tar-archive.
Simply download WebsiteBaker and install it. Thats all.

By downloading you agree to the terms of GPL. You can read more about the WebsiteBaker license by clicking here.


Hier geht es zum WebsiteBaker-Archiv, wo fast alle bisher veröffentlichten Versionen von WB zu finden sind.
Installation GuideHow to Upgrade | System requirementsChangelog


Third-Party Downloadarea

Here you can download the newest releases of vendor programes which are used in WebsiteBaker.

Please take care: These downloads are original packets of the vendors which are adapted only to the WebsiteBaker directory structure.

Please note: Do not use for production sites!


Der Fix&Tool - Download-Bereich

Here you can download the latest fixes and tools. Once enough fixes are in place, they are grouped into service packs, and included in the normal download area.