The latest version of the fees you can download as PDF-file.

Date: 01.July 2009


§ 1 Fee Amount

The annual fee for supporting members is 60 EUR (5 EUR per month). Each support member may also decide to donate an additonal amount (due to the high administrative costs only donated certificates for donations from over 50 EUR are issued and sent by mail).

§ 2 Due

Contributions from members are funding each year to 01.01. of the year.

§ 3 Payment Method

Payments will be made for German members by direct debit, non-German members pay via Paypal (Paypal account or credit card) to the account of the association.

§ 4 Membership within a year

If membership starts within the calendar year, the fee is calculated one-twelfth of the annual fee multiplied by the number of remaining months.

§ 5 Membership at the end of the year

If the membership ends within the calendar year there is no pro-rata refund of paid fee.