Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to questions frequently asked in the WebsiteBaker forum. This prevents the forum from being spamed by the same question and helps the moderator to focus on the real problems.

If you have recognized a possible question for the FAQ which is not listed yet, please contact the Help Project here.


Common Questions

What is WebsiteBaker?

WebsiteBaker is a PHP-based content management system which enables users to produce websites with ease. It has been designed from the ground up to simplify the task of creating and maintaining professional-looking websites. Give our feature sites a try.

What are the licence terms of WebsiteBaker?

WebsiteBaker is released under the GNU General Public License, more commonly known as the GPL. For further information about the GPL visit the link below:

This license give you a maximum of freedom. However, you have to stick to the following rules:

  • all copyright notices in the PHP files of WebsiteBaker must remain untouched
  • the link in the footer of the WB backend (WebsiteBaker is released under the GNU General Public License) must be visible and untouched
  • it is a matter of courtesy to provide a powered by link in the footer of the WebsiteBaker frontend, but this is not required

For more information visit the License page .


Help, I have forgotten my admin password, what should I do?

First try the "Forgotten your details?" function - it will send your password to the email address you defined in WB admin.

If that is not possible:

All passwords are stored as encrypted MD5 hash in the WB database. If you have access to your MySQL database (e.g. via phpMyAdmin), you can replace any password in the field: password of the database table users by executing the following SQL statement.

UPDATE prefix_users SET password = md5('mypass') WHERE username = "admin"

Adjust prefix_ to the table prefix you have choosen during installation, mypass to the new password you want to set and admin to the username where you want to apply the new password.

Then clear the browser cache and log into the WB backend using the username of the user and the password you have defined. Please choose a more secure password than mypass.

How do I style my navigation menu with CSS to look like ...

The navigation menu is styled by external CSS. If you're not a CSS pro, you might want to review a few resources dedicated to CSS found elsewhere on the net. Google is your friend in a big way here. Two great CSS resources to help you understand before you start asking questions in the forums:

Try to realize your navigation style in straight HTML first. Once you know how to do it, you can automate it by the WB menu function show_menu(). See the documentation available to learn more about the CSS classes and parameters supported.

On the Add-ons Side, you can find the replacement function show_menu2(), which adds a lot of features not implemented in the WB menu function. If you want to learn more, visit the webpage of the developer for further details. With show_menu2() and CSS you can realise any navigation menu style you want.

Search the WWW to learn more about the styling of lists with CSS. The WebsiteBaker forum is no support forum for CSS / HTML related problems!

How is WB spelled correctly - Websitebaker, Website Baker or WebsiteBaker?

There were and are many different spellings. The association decided the correct spelling is "WebsiteBaker" - and nothing else. It is one word without any space, and "W" and "B" are written in capital letters.

So please do not use other spellings except "WebsiteBaker" - we know it's not easy, but give it a try.

I like your template on - where can I download it?

You cannot download this template neither you are allowed to use it. We want to prevent that sites claim to be the official WebsiteBaker website but aren't.


What does the error message headers already sent mean?

The error message 'Cannot modify header information - headers already sent.' occurs if a WB routine tries to send a header after text is displayed in the browser. If this error occurs during installation process, try to clean your browser cache and session variables, then try again.

If you have accesss to the php.ini file, you may want to enable PHP buffering ( output_buffering) to prevent such kind of errors.

How to upgrade from WebsiteBaker 2.x to 2.11?

The upgrade scenarios from an existing WebsiteBaker version to a newer one is explained in more detail here.

Technical questions

What does Fatal Error: Call to undefined function show_menu2() mean?

This error occurs, when you install a template which requires the snippet show_menu2(), which is not installed on your system. Simply download show_menu2() from the Add-ons page and install it via the WB-Backend: Add-Ons -> Modules -> Install module. Thats it.

Backend language changes without user interaction - what can I do?

If the backend language changes without any user interaction, one should check the database entries for inconsistent settings. If you have access to pypMyAdmin, login to your database and execute the following SQL statements. The database statements asumes that English is your default language.

UPDATE xxx_settings SET value = 'EN' WHERE name = 'default_language'
UPDATE xxx_pages SET language = 'EN'
UPDATE xxx_users SET language = 'EN'

Attention: Change the DB table prefix: xxx_ according your database setting.

I get error messages like "Deprecated: Function [...] is deprecated in [...] on line [...]" - what to do?

Deprecated warnings were introduced with PHP 5.3.0 that was released on June 30th 2009. If WebsiteBaker is installed on a PHP 5.3.0 webspace (or higher versions) you need to upgrade WebsiteBaker at least to version 2.8.1 RC1.


Can HTML, Javascript und PHP statements be mixed?

This is possible. However, Javascript and PHP statements will only be parsed when invoked from a pages or sections of type: Code. It is not possible to put working PHP or Javascript statements to a WYSIWYG page or section (you can add it, but the statements will not be executed!!!).

You have to use the echo or print commands of PHP, when using Javascript and HTML statements within a page or section of type code (page type code is made for parsing PHP). You need to escape all special characters by yourself. Best way of mixing HTML code with Javascript statements is to use the PHP Heredoc Syntax (consult the PHP manual for details). Copy the following code into a page/section of type code and view the results. 

$a = '12';
$mixed_output = <<< EOT
<h2>HTML statements</h2>
<p>possibility to evaluate PHP variables a:= $a</p>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
alert('Javascript code: Hello world');
echo $mixed_output;

Mails sent via the Form module do not show up - why?

Mails will not be sent, until you have specified a valid recipient address via the text field Email To: accessable via the form module options: WB Backend -> Pages -> click on your form module -> button: Settings -> Email Settings -> Email To:

If you have specified a valid recipient address but emails do not show up, please read this Knowledge base article.