WebsiteBaker Features

Key Features


We don't just offer as many features as possible - the built-in features in WebsiteBaker are secure, intuitive yet flexible. You really need to see it live in our OnlineDemo, as a portable version or just download it! Nevertheless the following list of some of the features that come standard with WebsiteBaker outlines at the first glance what can be expected.

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Easy to use interface

It’s really annoying looking at an overkill of icons, text fields and links. With WebsiteBaker you click on “Pages”, then you fill in down in the field “Title” with the headline “Add Page” the title of your site and click on add. On the following site you type in your text – of course it’s a WYSIWYG editor, just like your favorite word processor. WebsiteBaker is that easy. 

Support of multiple languages

You just select your favorite language out of more than 20 different ones. Not only the administration is translated – just everything like the description of each module – if it’s available in your language.

User registration & administration

WebsiteBaker has a built-in access privilege system. The site administrator defines groups with complete control, the user just signs up at the site. It’s no problem working alone with WebsiteBaker, but it’s also no problem working with dozens of other people on the same site.

News, Form, WYSIWYG & much more modules

WebsiteBaker has several modules out of the box. But it is infinite extensible – just install the modules you like or need. In the Core a news/blog, form, code, WYSIWYG and several other site modules are already installed. But these are not the only ones – Admin-Tools really make your live as a site-admin easier.  Secure your email addresses with Frontend Output Filtering, control the very effective spam protection or make use of droplets – the revolutionary way of inserting PHP code just everywhere.

Search, SEO, Accessibility & Validation

With WebsiteBaker it’s no problem to optimize the website for search engines out of the box – you don’t need to care about the URL. The output is based on your used template truly W3C valid – you define yourself if it should meet XHTML transitional or even strict. Therefore it’s no problem to create completely accessible websites! The built-in search function truly searches quick and trustable everything on your sites – of course with highlighting, site-based indexing and excerpts.

Flexible template system

The template system of WebsiteBaker is not just easy – it gives you many opportunities to adjust it as you like it. It’s no problem to create different menus or sections - with blocks the content of any module can be directly assigned to a predefined place on your site. Every site can have unlimited sections – with a little droplet code it’s no problem to edit everything via frontend. Or make use of jQuery – this really quick & powerful javascript library is included in WebsiteBaker core. With a single CSS file the WYSIWYG editor displays the content in the same way it will look in the frontend. Of course you can change the used template of each site, and even in the backend.

Management of files and media

You can directly upload files with your WYSIWYG editor – or make use of the media center. Rename, resize or manage them in group based folders. Batch uploading? No problem – just pack as many files in a .zip folder upload it and WebsiteBaker unpacks it for you with the folder structure you defined.


  • At least 25 MB webspace (modules, media, templates need more)
  • PHP 8.x and up, PHP-8.2 up (FastCGI, FPM) recommended
  • MySQL 5.5 or higher
  • PHP Safe Mode = off
  • Activated PHP Session Support