The license

WebsiteBaker is Open-Source software released under the GNU General Public License (more commonly known as the GNU GPL). WebsiteBaker is free of charge for private and commercial purposes, as long as the following terms are observed:

  • keeping copyright notices in the source code of all files distributed with WebsiteBaker unchanged
  • keeping the link: "WebsiteBaker is released under the GNU General Public License" in the footer of the backend unchanged and visible

As a common kindness, it would be nice of you to provide a back link in the footer of the frontend of your site to the official WebsiteBaker Project site, although this is not required.

For more information or to view a copy of the GNU General Public License, visit the official GNU website:


Any violation of the license terms is expressly prohibited by law, and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

Add-ons such as Language Files, Modules or Templates provided via the official Add-ons Repository underlie the license terms defined by the author. Depending on the author, Add-ons may be released under a license different than GNU GPL e.g. Creative Commons License. The choosen license and legal claims of the author is contained either in a README or LICENCE file provided with the Add-on, or in the info.php file of the Add-on. Please read the licence, before applying any changes or distributing the Add-on to prevent rights violation.