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Not everybody wants to create the same website - we know that. And not every user has the same knowledge. Nevertheless we can't tell you have to use WebsiteBaker and nothing else – but we want to convince you to do.

You have more detailed questions? 

Give our Frequently Asked Questions a try.

What is Open Source?

Open Source software gives you a maximum of freedom. It’s completely free – also all templates and modules you can find on this site! You don’t have to care about money, restrictions and source code you can’t see and modify. And it’s secure – everybody can see the code, everybody can fix bugs and security holes and share them to the developer and the community.

More about the license we use check out here.

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A Web content management system (CMS) is software that runs in your favorite browser and you can create and manage your website. You don’t need to install any software on your PC and can access it with any computer, netbook - even with web-enabled mobile phones or TV sets. Content like text, photos, music, videos and any files can be uploaded and stored or displayed in a website. You can concentrate on the major thing – to create a website and just don’t think about the design with a template system. But it gives also the opportunity to extend and modify the templates and modules – and everybody can create new one. It’s also a major feature of CMS that different people with different access rights can work on the same website at any time.   

WebsiteBaker is the CMS for beginners, because…

  • you don’t need to learn anything – just follow the help and create your website.
  • it’s working on quite every webspace with PHP and a database.
  • the interface and workflow is really easy -you don’t have to change any line of HTML or other programming languages on the way to a website you will like.
  • the installation is very easy – just upload WebsiteBaker to your webspace, access the internet address and begin to install.
  • there are many different templates and modules available – newsletter, image galleries, guestbook, forums… You need only a few clicks before they appear on your website.
  • you can ask other people to help you – just create a group and a user with the intuitive access system and give them there password – or let them register.
  • upload as many pictures or files you like on-the-fly - .zip them before with your Computer, then upload it to the media center
  • built-in search function, and many little things that make life easier – like frontend log-in, complete multi-language administration and drag&drop your sites and sections of your sites as you like them.

WebsiteBaker is the CMS for web designers, because…

  • it gives the opportunity to create a template or backend theme with simple PHP and (X)HTML and CSS just as any template – just one .php file, just one .css file is necessary.
  • the output is accessible, W3C conform and easy to change.
  • every used module output (if supported) can be simply styled with a highlighting editor in the administration – just pure CSS, and HTML.
  • the template only needs an editor.css - and the predefined formats of the used WYSIWYG editor are changing and correctly seen on-the-fly when creating a site.
  • jQuery is built-in and gives the opportunity to use many add-ons without caring more than absolutely necessary about the technical aspects. You have a better library? Just install it and use it then – WebsiteBaker is flexible.
  • you don’t need to care about different menus and navigation – the built-in show_menu2 function is easy usable, adjustable and completely driven the way you want it.
  • also other template engines like YAML are perfectly integrable and working.
  • any content can be displayed exactly you want it – with the use of blocks and sections.
  • every single site can use another template, or just be a link, can be assigned to different user groups, can be used only in pre-defined menus.
  • it’s perfectly SEO optimized –WebsiteBaker creates automatically a URL you define the search engines will like, and every single site can make use of different keywords, meta-description.

WebsiteBaker is the CMS for developers, because…

  • the framework gives you any variables, constants, classes and functions you are needing to adjust WebsiteBaker on your needs or write a module.
  • it’s just PHP you are working with.
  • there are different developer extensions from our community: From a web-based Addon File Editor up to PEAR or other packages.
  • you can assure the user of your modules meet the requirements: Just add a precheck.php and define it.
  • you can use WebsiteBaker directly for programming – the Portable Edition just runs out of the box on any Windows PC without installing anything before, with the settings you can change the PHP error-reporting and other settings very useful form programmers.
  • droplets can be added anywhere you like them – just a little piece of code. The editor can easily choose and adjust them via WYSIWYG editor - without knowing anything about the technique behind.
  • it’s really secure and you are working in an active community with hundreds of thousand installations and users.
  • you can develop complete multi-language sites.