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Date: 01th July 2009

§ 1 Budget
  1. At the beginning of each financial year all expected incomes and costs have to be placed in a budget facing the budget of the last year..
  2. The budget is to be subdivided clear and in factual points of view.
  3. The budget and all calculations should be cautious.
  4. Larger or unusual items have to be explained.
  5. The budget may provide a project with an own budget with own responsibility.
  6. In the beginning of the year the board, the teams and members bring in their needs so the draft of the budget can be discussed. After approval by the board the budget will be published to the ordinary members.

§ 2 Fiscal Year End Closing
  1. At the end of each accounting year (the same calendar year) the complete account must be closed.. A Fiscal Year End Closing must be made. The actual revenue and expenditure approaches have to face the budget. Assets and liabilities must be identified and documented.
  2. After discussion and approval the Fiscal End Year Closing is published to the members.

§ 3 The financial controller

The financial controller manages the finances of the association. It is his task to grant the proper handling of financial matters, to ensure the fiscal concerns and to protect the association where tasks should be financed, that are not common with the obecetives of the association. The financial manager must be a member of the association, but it must not be a member of the Board. In this case he is determined by the Board.

§ 4 Accounting 1
  1. The financial officer is responsible for the accounts without prejudice to the overall responsibility of the board.
  2. The funds and accounts shall be governed by Board resolution.
  3. The management of funds and accounts of the Association outside of their own accounts is prohibited.
  4. The Board may give ordinary members special task areas or account authorisation.
  5. All supporting documents have to be sent as original to the financial controller.

§ 5 Accounting 2
  1. All accounting has to be done to the usual principles for association accounting.
  2. The financial controller is responsible for the accuracy of all bills.
  3. The Board may meet regularly and in an appropriate manner by the proper condition of returning to convince. This is usually done by a quarterly report of the financial leaders in the board meeting.

§ 6 Use of resources
  1. The funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes.
  2. All persons who have the means of the association, or spending plan are obliged to be thrifty. Members that violate this principle could be denied the reimbursement of their expenses .
  3. Expenditure over 1,000 euros require the consent of a General Meeting.
  4. The Board and the powers and authority members orient with all expenditure to the budget.
  5. Necessary, but not in the budget provided expenditure will be approved by the Board, unless a cover is available. If so, while the reduction or cancellation of other planned expenditure is necessary, it has to be discussed with the teams or regular members.
  6. If commitments tied the club longer than the financial year , the approval of the Board is necessary. The deal has to be discussed with the board.
  7. The deviation of the budget hat to be reported at the next General Meeting.

§ 7 Reimbursable Cost

Reimbursable costs are covered only on the basis of cost statements refunded within 30 days in the original.


§ 8 Audit
  1. The accounts of each financial year have to prooved by a revisor elected at the General Meeting. The check is done after Fiscal Year End Closing.
  2. Each examination has to be protocoled by the revisor and has to be sent to the Board.
  3. A summary audit report with general information about the regularity of the treasury management and financial situation of the association has to be given to the club at the General Meeting.
  4. On request of the revisor the General Meeting decides to discharge the members of the Board. The decision and the summary audit report has to be published to the members.

§ 9 Exceptional reimbursement

On decision of the board members can get extraordinary expenses reimbursed.