Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to questions frequently asked in the WebsiteBaker forum. This prevents the forum from being spamed by the same question and helps the moderator to focus on the real problems.

WebsiteBaker Org e.V.

Why an Association or Club?

Since the first version of WebsiteBaker CMS  the project grew to a large and multi-lingual web-site with volunteer developers and a large community. The project WebsiteBaker is therefore no longer an "author project", which lies in the hand of a single person.

The WebsiteBaker Org e. V. is a model for the organization of this project. The association is stepping into the  author's (even legal) responsibility for this project. Also the economic arrangements of the project (eg operating costs for hardware) will be done by the club. With support memberships and individual donations the club will assure the life of this project.

The association sees itself as an organizational framework for the commitment and cooperation of the members. It covers basic decision-making structures and thereby promotes the efficiency of the team.

For all details please see the statute.

What kind of membership?

The Website Baker Org e.V. consists of ordinary members and support members. Ordinary members are  members, who actively contribute to the maintenance and expansion of the project - through server configuration, programming, editorial work, community care, translations into other languages, etc.

Supporting members are any persons, companies or other institutions which support the project through annual and/or oncely  payable fees or donations.

Who can be member?

Anyone can become a supporting member at any time.

Since the Website Baker Org e.V. is conceived as a working club, you can only be an ordinary (and therefore a voting member), if you join the circle of the teams. To enter this circle the ordinary member should be involved in this project for some time and should commit hisself to the objectives ot the association. The ordinary member will be appointed to a team by the board.

How do I profit by membership?

A membership is not intended to benefit specific to the member involved. Apart from the fact that the membership fee may be tax deductible  since the WebsiteBaker Org e. V. is a registered nonprofit organisation, members will receive an extra-newsletter, in which on current trends, aspirations and projects will be reported. Supporting members will also be listed on a special supporting members page with website links. The associate membership is rather a form of regular and selfless support to the WebsiteBaker project.

Ordinary members take over tasks  to help to maintain or expand the project. Work is voluntary. Ordinary members have access to the internal domain, get informed about all current discussions and may vote in teams to reach  decisions, and so get influence by discussing the course of the project.

What does a membership cost?

The current fee for support membership can be taken from the Fee Statute. However, this is only the minimum amount below which we cannot offer a membership, because otherwise the administration cost is no longer in proportion to the result. If you want to support this  project with a higher annual amount this is easily possible. The donation amount can be freely determined.

Funding contributions are always at January 1st for one year. The first year of an associate membership may be proportionately charged. For example, if membership is applied on 10th of May,  you will only have to pay the months from May to December. But in the exit year no annual fee already paid is refunded.

Unpaid Funding contributions lead to exclusion from the association (if two reminders are unsuccessful).

How to become a support member?

You can become a support member by sending the support form to the association. And you can donate for the project regardless of being a member or not (see donation page).

How to support the project as a non-member?

Naturally you can support the WebsiteBaker project at any time by individual donations. Such donations are applied to the club treasury. Use the same bank for your single donation (the amount can be chosen by you) such as eligibility for membership dues. Note please your complete address to the transfer form , so we are able to send you a donation receipt (via mail). A donation receipt is send only for amounts from 50 EUR.

Will fees and donations deduct your tax?

Both support member contributions as well as individual donations to the Association are tax deductible, as we are working as a nonprofit association. To get your tax incurred the association senda donations receipts. Supporting members will receive their donation receipt for the current annual contribution after money has reached the club account. Sender of individual donations, please inform us about a transfer by e-mail and tell us to whom we address the donation receipt. Please note, however, that we can only send donations receipts for donations from a height of at least EUR 50, because the administrative cost for lower amiounts would be higher than the money effect.