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WB-2.12.1 stable version published

Posted by Frank F. on 23/11/2018
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Download from our Add-on Repository
- or as WebsiteBaker-2_12_1.tar.gz
- WebsiteBaker Unzip File (

Install and upgrade instructions
Please have a look into the file /DOCU/README.EN which is delivered with the downloaded package.

Short version:
- make a backup of all files and the database (!important)

 +Recommanded way: (fast & safe)
 - download WB ZIP package &
 - rename to unzip.php
 - upload WB ZIP package & unzip.php to your WB root folder (where the config.php is located)
 - run unzip.php in your browser ( ) (please replace with your own domain)
 - login in your backend as Super-Admin (admin with id 1) and run upgrade-script via upgrade link or via wb-info panel (i-button)

The unzip.php and the WB ZIP delete themselves after the successful execution of the unzip.php.
This way is fast and we plan in WB 2.13 a easier way, so this unzip.php is only for the 2.12.x versions (therefore we set it to deprecated)

 +Alternative way: (slow & oldscool)
 - download WB ZIP package & unpack
 - upload via FTP (overwrite existing files!)
 - login as Super-Admin (ID 1)
 - start upgrade script

Most important changes
  • Upgrade now possible from any WB 2.8.3 version to 2.12.1
  • Bugfixes published by forum users (e.g. password too short or bin/replace or bin/admin error)
  • Further checks and changes to compatibility with php 7.x without losing backward compatibility with older add-ons
  • Some mysqli statements have been changed for strict mode
  • Added flags in language dropdown boxes
  • the WB installation process is now prevented if the PHP version is less than 5.6.
  • No longer in the package, the core will create these directories and files itself:
        /pages, /media, /temp, /var/log and config.php
  • Now displays a hint if modules are no longer installed but registered (without WebsiteBaker crashing)
  • These custom files are not overwritten by the core:
        - frontendUser.css, frontendUser.js (frontend.css/js are not loaded then)
        - backendUser.css, backendUser.js (backend.css/js are not loaded then)
  • Twig updated to version 1.3.6, version added
  • Select Twig version 1.x or 2.x under Admin Tools > Server Settings
  • jQuery updated to 1.12.4 and version 3.3.1 added
  • Select jQuery version under Admin Tools > Server Settings
  • Users can add more jQuery versions that are never removed by the core (in include/jquery/dist)
  • New creation of access files extended
  • Rebuild all access files from any add-on that creates access files without changing the add-on code
      (via Rebuild Access Files; only one optional script WBReorg required)
  • Dialog and hint window with more options replaced by a new plugin
  • CKeditor updated to version 4.11.1
  • fixed: after 3 invalid login attempts the login is now locked again until the WB session cookie is deleted or the browser is closed
  • correcting datastructures for directory listing in media management
  • Adjustments to the backend theme (e.g. uniform icons in the top menu)

Have fun with WebsiteBaker 2.12.1
The WebsiteBaker team

Last changed: 23/11/2018 at 11:04 AM

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