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WB-2.11.0 stable version published

Posted by Uwe Jacobsen on 23/02/2018
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You can download from our Add-on Repository as or as WB-2.11.0.gz


This full version already contains all files of the fix (see also here for more information -> Fix for WB 2.11.0 published)


For install and upgrade instructions please have a look into the file /DOCU/README.EN which is delivered with the downloaded paket.

The most important changes in and from the 2.11.x core

  • supports PHP versions from 5.6 up to 7.2.2, older versions of PHP are no longer supported!
  • supports MySQLi strict mode
  • Consistently supports the UTF-8 or UTF8mb4 character set (changable in Installer or via UpgradeScript
  • Installer: Support for http and https.
  • Captcha: not longer in IFRAME, changable text color light / dark for type "Calculation as Text"
  • Media Upload: Protection against uploading unauthorized file types, default resize settings for picture upload, Unzip-process incl resize works now
  • Form: new formular generator, possibility to export and import fields and layouts
  • News: supports multiple news archives and categories, supports moderated commenting system for visitors
  • Output_filter: all scripts set with register_modfiles can be set in the output_filter enabled / disabled

    Extended error handling
    The already existing error handling in WB 2.10.0 has been extended by a few setting possibilities.
    The error reporting setting in the WB options has been re-enabled.
    The following settings are possible:

  • "Switched Off" = No error messages.
  • "Production Mode" = All error messages are not suppressed by the @error control operator.
  • "Developer Mode" = Show all error messages, even those with @error control operator.

    Multilingual addon has been included in the package and no longer needs to be optionally installed.
    Support of hreflang is also possible.

    Good to know

  • multi-dimensional language-variabel-arrays not longer supported (deprecated since 2010). see info's about this and a How-To-Repair here
  • $wb->preprocess() is since any years a empty function without a job. WB show's now an info about this (filename, line etc). Solution: simple remove a line like this or comment it out

Have fun with WebsiteBaker 2.11.0
The WebsiteBaker team


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