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WB-2.12.2 (stable) published

Posted by Frank F. on 29/06/2019
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Download from our Add-on Repository

- (WB unzip file)

Install and upgrade instructions
Please have a look into the file /DOCU/ which is delivered with the downloaded package.

Short version:
- make a backup of all files and the database (!important)

 +Recommanded way: (fast & safe)
 - download WB ZIP package &
 - rename to unzip.php
 - upload WB ZIP package & unzip.php to your WB root folder (where the config.php is located)
 - run unzip.php in your browser ( ) (please replace with your own domain)
 - login in your backend as Super-Admin (admin with id 1) and run upgrade-script via upgrade link or via wb-info panel (i-button)

The unzip.php and the WB ZIP delete themselves after the successful execution of the unzip.php.

 +Alternative way: (slow & oldscool)
 - download WB ZIP package & unpack
 - upload via FTP (overwrite existing files!)
 - login as Super-Admin (ID 1)
 - start upgrade script

Most important changes
  • Upgrade possible from any WB 2.8.3 version to 2.12.2
  • New Captcha Addon, including a new settings mask in the Admin Tool [captcha_control]
    - Update old Captcha styles without reloading the whole page.
  • Extended rights for administrators group like
    - Call the WB-Info Box, but without the possibility to call the [upgrade-script].
    - Calling the error log, but without delete function
    - Prevent access to user login
  • Group permissions: The option to access the add-on settings has been added.
  • Revised Drag and Drop of News overview page, CSS Fix
  • Filter Search in overview of data Rows in Nested List (<li>), Tables (<tr>) or Dropdowns (<option>)
  • Start of the DefaultTheme redesign for mobile devices.
    - Step 1 Drag and drop for page overview, section management and partly already for lists in addons (news). Still based on the YUII (jsadmin) drag and drop.
  • Page Options: visibility selection (dropdown) in pages setting with description and more user-friendly in different colors
  • Added WBLink format # to work with addons like news, topics, bakery and so on
  • Output Filter got a new function to avoid converting placeholder to the right value, if you insert a @ after the first bracket ( [[ or {@{ )
  • added jpeg support media settings
  • update PHPMailer to 5.2.27 (security fix)
  • extract/import droplets can overwrite existing droplets
  • change direct core filaccess message from illegal file access to header 404 Not Found
  • News: load/save own layouts from/to database
  • new methode getDefaultPageId to get the first page in pagetree ( $wb->getDefaultPageId() )


And according to the motto "WebsiteBaker goes OOP", we are already investing in the future and will increasingly rely on design patterns from version to version.

In addition, the code has been and will continue to be adapted to the new PHP 7 versions. So with this version of WebsiteBaker the support for PHP 5 will be discontinued as a consequence, because most hosters in their new packages offer the outdated PHP 5, if at all, then only for a fee. 

Have fun with WebsiteBaker 2.12.2
The WebsiteBaker team

Last changed: 29/06/2019 at 8:00 AM

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