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WB-2.13.2 (stable) published

Posted by Harald Spring on 19/07/2022
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WebsietBaker 2.13.2 R133 is the consequent further development of version 2.13.1 R103 on PHP 8.1.x. For PHP as a traditionally dynamically typed language, there is another feature, Typed Properties, which should guarantee greater type safety. The conversion to PHP 8.1.x required many adjustments of typed parameters in the PHP functions.

In addition, to install or update some classes, such as Twig and PHPMailer, we use the now widely used application-oriented package manager Composer for the PHP scripting language. The corresponding classes can be found in the /vendor folder.

Changelog Version 2.13.2 (most important changes for PHP 8.1.x)
  • Fixed incorrect typed Function parameter for PHP 8.1.x
  • Update Twig version to 3.4.1
  • Update CkEditor to version 4.19.0
  • Fixed Url in CKEditor template.js
  • Fixed frontend search routines
  • fixed Captcha class Secureimage
  • Add color picker Coloris-0.14.0 to /include/plugins/default/
  • Optimization of some methods in class.database
We have postponed the conversion of the templates to Twig. Extensive tests have shown, that the outdated class phplib
works fine with PHP 8.1.x after some adjustments, so most of the addons remain executable.

We would like to refer to the ticket system on the project page . There you can create error tickets, also for third party modules (subprojects/Several ThirdParty).

To be able to use all possibilities of this system, you must be registered first. Please use the same name as in the WB forum.
Third party modules that are still maintained by their authors, please contact us directly. For all other third party modules we are happy to help if possible.

Now we wish you a lot of fun with WebsiteBaker 2.13.2 R133 and PHP 8.1.x.

The WebsiteBaker Team

Last changed: 19/07/2022 at 11:29 AM

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